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Bathroom Collection

Bathroom accessories increase comfort and will give your bathroom a truly luxurious feel.
Our range of bathroom accessories is designed to increase comfort and convenience, making your bathroom a more luxurious environment.

Our electric heated towel warmers are beautifully designed in the highest quality stainless steel. There are no liquids inside, so are maintenance-free and incredibly cheap to run.


Mirror Defoggers give you a clear view at all times when shaving, applying make-up or using a hair dryer.


Fog Free Bathroom Mirror

Steamed up bathroom mirrors can present a challenge. Warmup’s Mirror defoggers offer a safe and easy way to keep mirrors clear and steam free. The mirror defogger is self-adhesive and is mounted directly onto the reverse side of the mirror.

Heated Bathroom Towel Warmers Pickering House Inn Image

Warmup Heated Bathroom Floors

Heated Towel Warmers

Nothing beats the feeling of having warm towels ready for when you step out of your bath. Warmup’s towel warmers are the perfect choice for a modern bathroom. Available in three different sizes to cater all preferences; the electric towel rails help heat your bathroom without any need to install new pipework.

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Floor Heating in Your Bathroom

Discover the benefit of warm tiles, cost-efficiency and lifelong lasting comfort with underfloor heating. Ideal for all bathrooms, wet rooms and shower areas.

Under Tile Heating

Tile floors are ideal for use with an underfloor heating system as they heat up fast and retain heat well, making the system efficient to run.


Warmup offers a wide range of underfloor heating controllers from simple manual thermostats to the latest, remotely accessible Smart thermostats.