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Increase safety and convenience by keeping homes, buildings, driveways and paths snow-free and frost-protected with our wide range of snow melting solutions.

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Warmup Snow Melting and De-icing Electric Systems

Imagine installing a system that meets all of your snow and ice melting needs without worry. Warmup’s systems are a result of over 22 years of experience and rigorous research and development. As a result, you can rest assured that you are installing the best possible heating system on the market, with the best warranties.

Watch how a Brooklyn family used a Warmup Snow Melt System to clear the walkway in front of their house: click here.


Snow melting systems are becoming increasingly more popular in North America. Environmentalists are especially keen on using this solution to prevent snow and ice to build-up on stairs, driveways, walkways etc., as it avoids the use of chemicals or pollutants.

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Self-regulating cables melt snow and ice to prevent ice dams. By heating the roof line, gutter, and downspouts of your home with self-regulating cable you can prevent potential ice dam damage to the ceiling, insulation, and walls of your home.

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Designed to keep pipes flowing, our electric self-regulating cable gives peace of mind to home and business owners who fear bursting pipes on the coldest winter days. Warmup freeze protection electric cables can be applied to pipes (PVC and metal), ducts and water lines.

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Leave all of the work to your snow and ice melting controls after installation! Our automatic controls do not only save energy and lower operating costs, but they also make our system effortless to use thanks to the powerful and smart temperature and moisture sensors built in.

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